Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No More Faith

There are some days where I just get so frustrated and discouraged in humanity and the general idea that most people are decent individuals that I start looking through real estate websites to find some secluded piece of land where I can take my family and drop off the grid. It just seems that life is one hassle after the next and usually over such stupid, minor things.

We live in a community that is governed by a Home Owners Association. They are pretty much incompetent, inconsistent, and vengeful. Like one neighbor complained and the next thing she knew she was getting fines for two weeds in her yard. It's ridiculous. Anyway, beginning in January we apparently got a new management company (although it appears it consists of all the same people, they just changed their business name and moved locations). We sent our January assessment to the previous company. Toward the end of January we received a note from this new company saying we were late in our assessment (which had increased substantially, yet we received no notice of) in addition to a rather substantial late fee. We were told we had fourteen days to dispute in writing. We sent out a letter of dispute the next day along with the check for the amount owed, less the late fee which was in dispute.

Today we get this lengthy letter back in which they state that they are under no legal obligation to send us bills, statements, the amount owed, or anything else for that matter. That their inability to do that doesn't free us from our obligation to pay in full and on time. HA! They also returned my check. In addition, they charged us interest during the period in which we disputed the initial late fees. (Even with today's letter we are STILL within the 14 day time period). My husband called and got absolutely nowhere with the manager. She just kept saying that they were under no obligation to notify us of any changes.

My husband was like, "We didn't even know you were our new management company so how were we supposed to know a)where to send the check and b)how much to make the check out for?"

I surely must be missing something. This just doesn't seem right. So, for now I am paying the full, ridiculous amount and then pursuing other avenues to dispute it, which according to the management company is to appear at the board meeting, ask for a refund, and hope they'll give it even though she said they are unlikely to do so.

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jodifur said...

I was so happy when we moved away from an HOA. I think they are all terrible. I'm sorry you are going through this.