Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drowning in Housework

For the most part I am a pretty organized, "stay on top of it" type of person. This applies to my personal life, professional life, home life, etc. I get things done and I get them done pretty immediately. It's a standard I have pretty much set for myself. While others (bosses, husband, children, etc) hold me to a certain standard it comes no where close to the standard I hold for myself. Therein lies the problem.

I have been letting myself down and while for the most part it isn't that noticeable, it is driving me crazy. For example, I have a pile of laundry as tall as my two year old waiting in the hallway to be folded. I have a floor that hasn't been mopped in a week and bedrooms that haven't been vacuumed in that same amount of time. There are toys and magazines and library books in various spots throughout the house where they don't belong. My husband says he hasn't noticed (although, I know he is lying about the pile of laundry). While I know all these things need to get done I also just simply can't keep up. I feel like I clean one room only as another room is being systematically destroyed. I finish cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast just in time for it to get messy again for lunch and then dinner. I am constantly picking up toys.

These are minor things, I know. They aren't going to keep the world from spinning, but it seriously causes me great anxiety just knowing the house is not the way I like it and it's because I just can't keep up lately. So, I want some suggestions. How do you keep your house in order while keeping a firm grasp on your sanity? Is it possible?


Nancy said...

my house doesn't get cleaned on a regular basis and I don't feel bad about it. I swipe out the sinks and run a vacuum in hi traffic areas. I get crazy when I have alot of stuff on the counters to that's usually what I focus on.
I usually do alot of laundry on Wednesdays and through the weekend.
Try to take a step back, pick your priority for the day or whatever and go with it.

Joanne said...

I try to clean as I go. To put things away right away, to tidy up while I'm doing something else, like watching tv, or waiting for something to cook. I'm big on to-do lists too, they keep me in line!

Robyn said...

I feel like all I do is clean my house and it's never finished!

Things were better when I had a cleaning lady once a week. I stopped that when I was home on maternity leave and don't see starting it up again since I clean SO much better. But, Hubby sure misses her!