Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coming Soon: Version 3.0

I have been sitting on some news for the past few months and that is we are expecting baby number three in a handful of months. We are obviously very excited and so far our other two children have reacted wonderfully to the news. I have been incredibly ill this pregnancy, but the baby is healthy so that is really all that matters.

Yesterday I went in for a second ultrasound (the first ultrasound 4 weeks ago had a weird fuzzy line across the screen that prevented the doctor from getting a measurement of the head so he wanted to redo it just to make sure). The baby was crazy active: punching, kicking, flipping around all over the place. It was awesome. Everything looked perfect, which I thought was the case, but it is always nice to have that confirmed.

The bad news was that for the second month in a row my blood pressure has been high and yesterday's was really high. This is not normal for me at all. My blood pressure is usually in the ball park of 116/65 to 120/72. I have not had any history of high blood pressure in either of my other pregnancies. A month ago, since it was the first high reading they weren't really that concerned. This week they were. So, I have to go back on Monday and if it is still high they'll have to decide what to do with me (at home bed-rest vs. admitting me to the hospital, both of which will be a disaster).

So, I'm incredibly worried now, which obviously isn't good for my blood pressure. The doctor tells me to go home, rest, take it easy, etc. Uh hello....I have two young kids and my husband works 80 hours a week. Take it easy? Rest? Yeah, right! Nevertheless, I am trying to do just that, knowing that if I can't get my blood pressure down on my own the alternative is not going to be something I like.

On that note, any prayers, good vibes, etc. you can send my way would be appreciated.


Robyn said...

Definitely sending you good vibes! And, Congratulations!!!! So sorry you haven't been feeling well, it makes it very hard to enjoy a pregnancy when you're sick.

Can't wait to hear what life with 3 kids is like...!

Nancy said...

Good luck and God bless you! I'm so sorry to hear about the high blood pressure. Is there anyone who can give you a hand during the day with the kids?
TRY to relax...

Joanne said...

That's a whole latte great news! You must be thrilled, much congratulations! And I second what Nancy said, try to relax. Keep things easy, enlist your children's help with even the smallest chores. I'm sure they'd like to help out as practice for when the baby is there! Keep us posted, and the very best wishes to you and yours :)

jodifur said...

congratulations. All good thoughts.