Monday, April 16, 2012

A Plague o' Both Your Houses

Well, maybe not the plague, but the in the chicken pox....has infected our house. Thursday night at dinner I noticed some bumps on our 4 year old son's hands that looked a lot like chicken pox. I googled images and thought they looked pretty similar. My husband was quick to dismiss it especially considering all our kids have received the vaccines. We figured it would be pretty unlikely to still end up with the chicken pox. Apparently we were wrong. By Friday morning he had a few more spots but by the afternoon they were everywhere. Our doctor had us bring him in, because they too, were hesitant to believe me.

Confirmed. Chicken pox.

The following day our 19 month old daughter ended up with them. Her case, however, is a much milder case. She only has about 50 pox total. Our son, unfortunately, has hundreds. The doctor said his case is as bad as if he had never been vaccinated. So far our oldest is pox-free, however she woke up today with a high fever, which is was happened to the other two in the days leading to the first pox appearing. Seriously, what would the odds be that three vaccinated children end up with the illness for which they are vaccinated. That just seems really strange to me. I'm not super surprised about our son. He's on meds to help with his lung issues that have messed up his immune system. It leaves him vulnerable to a lot of illnesses which he has unfortunately had. So, for him to be this freak statistic isn't really shocking. However, to have our littlest ones get it also was a bit surprising. If our oldest, the girl with the iron immune system, ends up with the pox I swear the world is ending.

So for now we've watched a lot of movies, taken a ton of oatmeal baths, gone through a bottle of calamine and another of benedryl and seem to be through with the worst of it. The sores are starting to scab and I am hoping we can be back among the living soon!


Terry L said...

I have heard the chicken pox vaccine can be hit and miss as far as its effectivity. We've had a couple of cases in the small town where our daughter goes to school.

Terry L said...

hope everyone feels better soon. I remember when I had them at the age of 8. No fun!