Saturday, January 15, 2011

MLK, Jr. Goes to South Park

Our daughter, who is in Kindergarten, came home from School on Friday with this picture. She made it in class and was incredibly proud as she explained, "Martin Luther King Jr. is a Jr. because his dad was named Martin Luther King. He's important because he said that people look different on the outside but we're all the same on the inside. And he had a wish (I think she meant a dream). So, I made this picture. He's really considered black but he looks kinda brownish so I used brown paper. Plus if I used black, his suit is black too, and you wouldn't be able to really see him."

My husband says it looks like a South Park character. Since he has said that neither one of us can stop laughing (only when aforementioned daughter is well out of ear shot).

So what do you think? South Park?


Nancy said...

Total South Park but her explanation of making the picture is so priceless that I hope you type it up, put it on the back of the picture, hang it on the fridge for a month or so and then store it somewhere safe and bring it out every January. Seriously - that's what I would do.

Robyn said...

I LOVE it! But, her description is what makes the story. That better go in her memory box!