Friday, April 5, 2013

Disneyland/California Adventure/San Diego

Last week my kids were on Spring Break so we decided to head to California and take our kids to Disneyland. Our children have never been and it has been around 15 years since I've been or my husband. After three days in Anaheim we spent two in San Diego. I would have loved to spend more time in San Diego. It is one of my favorite places in the U.S. We stayed right on the water and the kids enjoyed watching the boats dock in the marina. 

Two of our three children were the perfect age for Disneyland and California Adventure. They went on EVERY ride: Space Mountain, Star Wars, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, etc. It was great being able to get on everything and not have to worry. Our youngest was too short for most which ended up working out okay. A few days before we left she suffered a bad head injury, which resulted in an expensive ambulance ride to the hospital, a CT, and an overnight stay for observation. We left with a concussion diagnosis and were told to limit stimulation -- hello, Disneyland -- and any rides that could jolt her or spin her. Fortunately, she was scared of most rides. She loved the Ariel ride in California Adventure and I did take her on the tea cups but we didn't spin the cup and I held her pretty tight. Outside of that, she slept in a stroller through most of it or my husband and I used the "rider switch" feature quite a bit.
 Ready for Day 2 at Disneyland and California Adventure
 Seaport Village has always been a favorite of mine. Something about walking around the shops and being so close to the water is just relaxing. We always stop in the little candy shop and get a ridiculous amount of taffy to enjoy the rest of the trip.
In years past we have always stayed on Coronado Island. For whatever reason, I opted to try something different this year. While our hotel was nice I will likely go back to booking on the island in the future. Despite staying off the island we spent a day on the island, walking around and playing at the beach. I was certain the water would be too cold and the kids would want no part of it. So certain was I that I wouldn't let them wear their swimsuits. Lesson learned. The kids ended up totally in the water, loving every chilling minute of it.
 Me and my babies on the beach.
 Me and my youngest on Coronado Island
 Love these pictures of my older two running into the waves. Sheer, unbridled joy and excitement.

 Even our youngest went waist deep into the ocean in her jeans and sweatshirt.
 As a random side note, our son was so sick with an asthma flare and allergy complications when we left town. About an hour into California he stopped having symptoms entirely. Zero problems the entire trip. An hour back in to Arizona and he was back puffing on his inhalers.
 I had to keep pulling him in because I was afraid he was going to get pulled out in to the ocean. He had no fear.
 My husband our our youngest surveying the tide.
 The family.
 My daughter, who is convinced we need to move to San Diego.

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Nancy said...

Great pictures! Sounds and looks like it was a fun trip. Time to move to California for your son's asthma??