Friday, March 9, 2012

Relieved Reprieve

This week has been so emotionally upsetting that today when the school bell rang and I collected my daughter in one piece, I literally felt like I was going to crash and could sleep for days. I still feel that way, actually. This weekend will provide a much needed distraction from the unfortunate turn of events this week at school. Tonight, we are going with some friends to take the kids Mutton Busting (sheep riding) at the Rodeo Arena. Each Friday night in Marana, you pay $5 and they pad your kid up and turn 'em loose on the sheep. We have never gone before but I am so excited to see them ride tonight. I am just hoping my son actually sacks up and does it and doesn't stand in middle of the arena and cry like he did when we signed him up for football.

Tomorrow, my older daughter and I are going over to one of her friend's house (and thankfully the mother is a good friend of mine as well) for a Bake Party. It should be a lot of fun and nice to spend some one on one time with my daughter after the week she had and to also have some girl time with some friends.

Sunday, my husband is taking our son to see Monster Trucks. Our son has never been and he is soooo excited. I'm really excited for him as well. It'll be nice for him to have some time alone with my husband. I am thinking that while they go to Monster Jams I'll take my oldest to get a manicure and then we'll head down to the Tucson Festival of Books.

If we can get through next week (which will likely be another difficult week given the direction this whole choking incident is going) we'll have a week of peace for Spring Break. The kids really want to go to the Renaissance Festival. My husband has never been and the last time I went was 12 years ago when I first started teaching and I took my high school English students(all 150 + of them) on a field trip there. It's a blast and I think the kids will really enjoy it.

Plus I really think we need a heavy dose of distraction right now. Up until this past week I really loved my daughter's school. It's sad how the mishandling of such a serious event has changed my view about that so drastically. The problem really is the principal and sadly, until she is gone, I don't know how safe I really feel with my kid there. My daughter likes school, although this past week has muted that a bit, mostly because she is scared. She doesn't want to change schools, which I understand. While I can't comment right now about the route we have chosen to take I am hoping that in so doing, the principal will realize this is not something she can sweep under the rug and will have to address. The shit will likely hit the fan next week, but as long as I keep telling myself that my daughter's safety is the issue I think we can all get through this. I worry about retaliation, but ultimately I think we have documented this so well that people would be stupid to do that. I don't think the teachers would treat our daughter any differently. The principal is equally despised among parents and teachers alike. The teachers are likely secretly cheering me on in all of this. Yet still I worry. For now, I will put the worry on hold until Monday and enjoy the weekend with my family, whom I am so thankful for.

What are your weekend plans?

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