Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Monday

Well, our broken water pipe proved to be a bigger deal than we initially thought. My husband worked on it until dark on Sunday and then took Monday off to finish the job. The materials we thought we needed actually weren't going to be compatible with the particular piping used so he spent three hours being send all over town to different plumbing supply stores until he finally found a place that had all the necessary parts and a very helpful guy who walked him through the process step by step. It took another 3 hours once he got home to finish, but it appears to be fixed, we have water, and we are hopeful this will last. Part of the problem is a huge mesquite tree whose roots entangled and punctured the pipes causing the break. We would like to rip it out but our Gestapo home owner's association mandates that every front yard must contain one 5 gallon tree (ridiculous considering how close together our homes are). So, now we have to have a plumber come out to look at the tree, the roots and their proximity to the pipes and hopefully put in writing the fact that if we leave the tree the roots will cause further damage. It is then our hope that we could successfully contest the mandate. I'm not a lawyer, but it seems to go against common sense that an HOA could mandate the necessity of certain foliage when the presence of that landscaping would cause damage to the actual dwelling.

In other news, we were supposed to find out the sex of our baby tomorrow. My husband was going to take the day off and come with. Long story short, since he took off yesterday to deal with the water pipes I called the office to see if there was any way we could come in and have the ultrasound done then instead. They actually said yes, which I totally wasn't expecting so we hustled out.

The baby looks perfectly healthy and was very active during the ultrasound, although proved to be very modest, refusing to uncross the legs. I was starting to get a little anxious because I wanted to know the sex, not really for myself, but the kids were dying to know. Finally at the end we got enough of a glimpse to determine.................................IT'S A GIRL!

Our two year old son was thrilled. He has said since the moment we told the kids I was pregnant that he wanted a sister. However, today when we were at the store, my daughter was pointing out all these cute little girl clothes and I don't know if he started to feel left out because all of a sudden he started crying and said, "I don't want a sister anymore. I want a brother." Broke my heart.


Nancy said...

Well you know I went through a pipe problem at my house last month or so, so I feel your pain!
Hopefully the HOA will allow you to remove the tree and perhaps plant another?

Congrats on the girl! If it was a boy I'd say congrats on that too!

Did you buy the Odyssey??

Robyn said...


Don't worry, your son will come around - after all, he gets to remain your FAVORITE little boy!

雅琳雅琳 said...


Joanne said...

I don't know if you're able to do this, but we actually had a tree company cut part of the roots of a maple tree that were disturbing our driveway. It didn't hurt the tree, which is still strong and healthy several years later.

And congrats on your great news! Very exciting ...

Anonymous said...

Awww- i almost cried out of joy when you said it was a girl, for some reason. This two year old boy will find a way to like his baby sister. I assure you. Siblings turn parents for the younger kids. Mine is almost one. So, it'll be good.

p.s. i'm going to follow your blog, if you don't mind. will come back for more!