Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis the Season

The Christmas season or maybe the stress of the economy seems to be bringing out the worst in people. Today, leaving a store with both my children, we were in the car about to pull through the parking space to exit the parking lot. As I was pulling forward a big work truck came in an attempt to pull into the space I was pulling forward through. I stopped, expecting him to back up since I was already halfway through the space. He didn't but instead kept coming at me, so I put my car into reverse and started backing up. I raised my hands with my palms upward in a gesture like, "What the heck?"

The man jumped out of his car, ran up to mine screaming, "Are you serious? Are you seriously going to get mad at me for trying to park?" I said, "Well, I was halfway through that space but whatever, it's not a big deal, so forget it."

He FREAKED. I don't know if he forgot his meds, escaped from the mental institution or what but he was screaming, "No, I will not forget it. F*&$ you, b&%ch. You can go to hell. F*%#! you" over and over again. I was so stunned, not to mention a little frightened. I pulled away but had to pass where his car was parked. I slowed down to write down his license plate number and the name of the company on the truck. While stopped a couple walked over to me who had witnessed the altercation encouraging me to not let it ruin my day, he was a jerk, they couldn't believe he did that, etc. I thanked them and was waiting to pull out of the parking lot.

The guy came back out of nowhere, smacked my car with his palm and screamed, "Can I help you?" I told him that if he said or did one more thing I was calling the police. He put his hand on my partially rolled down window and started screaming in my face how I was a b&*$# and to go f&*# myself.

I pulled out as quickly and safely as I could and called the police who came shortly thereafter. He had already left. I filed a report, but ultimately there isn't much they can do. There is no damage to my car or to me, thankfully and while he crossed the line it would be hard to prosecute.

My kids were scared and my daughter kept saying, "That is a bad man to call you that bad word. You are not a b*&$%, you are my nice mommy." I was so stunned I couldn't even come up with a response and really with kids in the car I didn't want to say anything to provoke him or show me in a negative light. The larger question is what is wrong with him to freak out over something so minor. While I was aggravated with him, it would have never occurred to me to jump out of my car and chase him down twice and I was the one in the right.

After the adrenaline wore off it scared me a bit to know that there are people out there, that look normal who are so easily triggered over something that happens tons of times a day in parking lots all over the world.

He mentioned something to me about calling the number on his truck, which led me to believe that he was the owner of the company. When I got home I did a little searching and discovered that he is in fact the owner, so there's no real recourse I can take there in terms of complaining about him. Oh well. Ultimately, I am just glad that he wasn't armed because he'd be the guy to open fire over something like this. I am rather bummed that my 4 and 2 year olds learned a new word that they've repeated quite a few times telling my mom, grandma, husband, anyone who will listen, "This very bad man told mommy she was a b*&$%."

So, how about you? Any altercations lately?


Nancy said...

He was the OWNER of the company and acted like that? That's frightening. I would call the number anyway, see who answers and if it's a female explain to her what happened. I say this because....
We own a business with our phone # on it. One time I got a phone call from a man who had been following our work truck. My husband had put a sticker on it (to which I objected to when he did it) that said "don't be a dick". The man called because he was driving behind it with his child in the car and the child asked him what a "dick" was and what did the sticker mean. He thought it was inappropriate and wanted us to know. I thanked him, agreed with him and said I'd have the sticker removed.
Maybe if you call there will be his wife or someone with a little more PR skill on the other end!
DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! I would not let an a*(hole like that get away with it.

Joanne said...

I don't think his rage really had anything to do with you. It sounds like there's a lot more going on with him, maybe he's in debt up to his ears, or something's wrong in his family life, some tension with all that rage simmering. What a frightening experience for you and your children to witness, I'm glad you're okay. I think I'd still be shaking though.

Terry L said...

Hi there,

Came over from Mark W's blog. I can't stand behaviour like this. I suggest you post his company info on here so people can be sure not to deal with him...

Whatever excuses we can come up with for him, does not make up for this unacceptable behaviour. And it really grinds my gears when people think its ok to make with the sailor talk in front of my kids!